Supporting the Delivery of
Environmental & Business

Catalysis is a tailored services consultancy and interim management
company, focussing on operational improvement and the application of
technical solutions that can yield both financial and environmental benefits.

Welcome to Catalysis
Consulting Ltd.

We operate across multiple industry sectors and at the centre of the companies ethos, is the objective to work with businesses who see the need to begin the journey of improving environmental performance today rather than tomorrow; but need to find a path that also meets their financial and growth aspirations.

To date we have supported clients in the development of actions and proposals that collectively have the potential to reduce global carbon emissions by more than 1.2 billion tonnes per annum.

Driving improvement across the operational quartet of assets, productivity, energy efficiency and technology


Our approach is like a waterfall, with the flow of activity swelling to maximise its impact. It begins with Asset Management and culminates in the structured assessment and implementation of commercial technologies.


Driving asset management practices to deliver higher asset reliability with a lower life cycle cost of ownership.


Driving collaborative programmes to enhance OEE and create the foundations for a sustainable proactive culture.


A multi-vector approach to assessing energy efficiency, including consideration of process optimisation and energy substitution.


Optimising the application of technology to deliver real step changes in financial and environmental performance.

Advisory &
Development Services

These are tailored to suit the project and/or the client’s needs. Please contact us for an informal discussion.

Sectors & Experience

Catalysis has provided support to a number of sectors. But has focussed on the following sectors where it believes the greatest value can be added:

Mining Industry

Industrial, Chemical
& Process Industry

Energy (Heat and Electricity)

Clean Technology