Driving improvement across the operational quartet of assets, productivity, energy efficiency and technology



Established in 2015, Catalysis Consulting is focussed on supporting businesses across the industrial, process, natural resources and utility sectors to drive development strategies that enhance both environmental and financial performance.

The company believes the leaders of tomorrows commerce will be those, that like us, see the value of strategies that acknowledge the intertwined nature of four improvement disciplines:  Asset Management, Productivity Management, Energy Efficiency and Technology Integration.

Our approach leads by delivery of Asset, Productivity and Energy Efficiency benefits releasing the financial potential to deliver the opportunity for consideration and implementation of more impactful environmental step change through Technology. We use a waterfall approach, seeking to engage with our clients at whichever tier most suits their current business performance and needs.

As well as working directly with industry, we are also able to provide advisory and development services to the investment and legal communities who support a decarbonisation agenda.  Providing information and guidance related to deployment of clean energy and low carbon technology solutions.