Catalysis is delighted to have been awarded a contract to review and develop a strategy for decarbonisation of a major European steel company.  The client, who produces over 10 million tonnes of steel per annum, aims to cut emissions by 10% by 2025.  

Catalysis will work with the client to review technology pathways, integration designs and challenges, and preliminary techno-economic appraisals, including the risk of premature technology redundancy.

Catalysis has executed a contract with an European based global mining consultancy to critically review its business structure and current strategy; and provide a market validated business plan for development of the company both geographically and discipline focussed. 

A key area for consideration within the plan will be the increasing impact of climate change.  Specifically, how climate change will impact the global metals and minerals demand; as well as the legislative and social obligations likely to deployed across the supply chain, affecting the support services and skills required by their clients. 

Catalysis has executed an agreement to work with a UK based technology company, that has developed an augmentation for the combustion of hydrogen (or natural gas).  The technology is considered revolutionary in that it can be deployed from domestic to industrial scale; and can enhance the energy efficiency of the power cycle by up to 20% absolute. 

The current activity seeks to progress the proof of concept unit towards a tried and tested pilot scale version.

Catalysis has signed a contract to support a Scandinavian junior mining company in early stage development of graphite resources.  The work extends to development of a low-cost efficient process flow for their graphite ore; development of purification stages; the assessment of traditional product markets; the identification of early stage innovation opportunities; and the establishment of commercial partnerships to expedite the business plan.

Catalysis have signed up to support the development of a 2.5GW tidal range project on the UK coastline.  The developer of the large-scale clean energy project requires the support of a consultant who has led similar first of a kind energy projects, to help successfully navigate the development path to commercial operation.