Delivering the right solution for you and the environment



Our approach is like a waterfall, with the flow of activity swelling to maximise its impact.  It begins with Asset Management and culminates in the structured assessment and implementation of commercial technologies.

Asset Management

Part of driving sustainability is through the curtailment of demand for new assets.  Extending the useful life of assets can incrementally reduce the raw materials, energy and emissions associated to the replacement, disposal or recycling/repurposing of them.  The sensible application of an extended life approach also allows businesses to focus capital expenditure towards ‘top line’ activities and enhancing shareholder returns.  We support companies in creating asset management systems that are real time and fit for purpose.

Productivity Management

Productivity management is focussed on the increase of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness); through reduction of lost time, below standard rate production and the elimination of waste.  We believe in assessing external and internal industry benchmarks for performance, thus establishing credible targets.  We then work collaboratively to drive operations towards a sustainable culture for production that is flexible and profitable.  We support companies in the development, implementation and education of productivity management systems that are bespoke to their operations.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a metric influenced significantly at design stage of any process or operation.  However, numerous opportunities exist that can enhance performance of existing facilities.  Whether that may be the partial upgrading of systems or the substitution of energy sources to lower cost greener options.  We work with companies to identify these opportunities, develop proposals for implementation and support the project management of them.

Technology Integration

The application of technology can be the answer to delivering real step change in financial and environmental performance; but it does not always have to be a choice between status quo and complete change.  Many technology options drive at substitution or augmentation or partial replacement of existing operations.  These solutions can offer strong returns and short paybacks.  We support companies in the review of their operations, identifying relevant technology options and suppliers, developing proposals and project managing implementation.

Advisory and Development Services

These are tailored to suit the project and/or the client’s needs; and range from delivering education or training programmes, through to due diligence support.  Please contact us for an informal discussion on any needs you may have.

Through these activities we aim to support companies in ‘accelerating the rate of environmental performance improvement for our future’.